Is it true that New Lion Brewery will shortly be moving premises?
Yes. As you may have noticed, we outgrew this place a while ago, and have long been looking for a larger home. We recently secured the unit at Webbers Yard in Dartington currently home to the Almond Thief Bakery, which will become our new base from July 31st 2019. We will be able to fulfil our dream of a bakery and a brewery under the same roof, with a mill in the middle, a temple to yeast, fermentation, grains and local produce. It’s going to be amazing.

Will you be running a Taproom at the new place?

We will initially be running our Taproom one night a week there, hosted in the Almond Thief’s temporary new premises while our final home is being renovated. Initially we will set up temporarily at one end of the building, and a few months later, our final home will be ready. Once we’re in our final home, we will again expand and run the Taproom more frequently, two or three nights a week.

Where will we be able to buy New Lion beers in Totnes after July 31st?

You will still be able to buy our beers in all the usual outlets in Totnes, and we hope soon to be able to make an announcement about a new venue in Totnes where you will be able to pick up growler refills and bottles.

What will happen at the new place?

We hope that nearer the end of the year, our new home will be ready, and we will, following our LionShare crowdfunder, be able to create a fantastic space: an expanded brewery, a venue, a space for all kinds of unusual things to happen. We look forward to you joining us on the journey. If you’d like to be among the first people informed about LionShare when it happens, sign up now here.