We were delighted to unveil, at the wonderful 2016 Local Entrepreneur Forum in Totnes, our collaboration with Wild & Curious, a new enterprise we pledged to support at last year’s event.  We made two beers:

  • Definitely Mabey: A nettle, lemon and ginger ale. Made with foraged nettles following a 1988 recipe by Richard Mabey, author of the seminal ‘Food for Free’. 5.1% ABV, and
  • ‘Curiouser & Curiouser’: an apple, blackcurrant and wild nettle pale ale aged with Brettanomyces yeast. 4.9% ABV.

We love working with innovative food businesses, having previously collaborated with Fungi Futures and with Grown in Totnes.  Here is a short podcast where Myrtle Cooper of Wild & Curious and Mat Henney, Head Brewer at New Lion Brewery discuss the beers, how they came about, and how they turned out.

The two beers are available on our Friday and Saturday Brewery Bars as long as they last, so don’t miss out, make sure you try these amazing beers!