Each week in our taproom we add new guest beers to drink in or take out alongside our own beers. Here is what we currently have available.

Our taproom opening hours are here.

Our taproom guest beer and drinks menu 22nd October – 29th October


Pale ale/IPA/DIPA/NEIPA/red ale

New Lion Brewery- Pandit- 4.9%-550ml bottle- £4 pint/£2 half/£2.60 Take out/ £3 bar/ £27 case of 12 VEGAN

New Lion Brewery- Scorpion- 4.9% -550ml bottle -£2.60 take out/ £3 bar/£27 case of 12. VEGAN, made with south Devon chillies

New Lion Brewery- local hero- 4.8%- 550ml bottle- £2.6 take out/£3 bar

Northen Monk brew co- Striding Edge- 440ml can- 2.8%- £3.50 This beer is in collaboration with inspiring fell runner Ricky Lightfoot, we wanted to create a beer that you could still drink before a run or after as a reward. VEGAN

Stannary- All that jazz-440ml can- 4.2%- £4.10 Session IPA – Comet, Ekaunot & Simcoe hops amp up a wheat & barley malt bill.

Stannary- reverse camber- 440ml can- 5.9%- £4.30  Rich & Malty IPA with the dank fruity flavours and aroma of dry hopped Mosaic & Simcoe hops. West coast.

Stannary- Hare Trigger- 440ml can- 6.5%- £5 We’ve got all the big guns out for our flagship IPA! Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic & Simcoe combine in this big hitting IPA.

London Beer Factory– Hazey daze- 330ml can- 4.6%- £3 Juicy, crushable, Session IPA. Fully flavouredhazy New England brew with big tropical notes, a citrus hum and lashings of pineapple on the nose VEGAN

Brass Castle- Meet me underwater- 440ml – 6.5% -£4.10 Teaming up with SeaGrown, we bring to you a red IPA with seaweed. Locally harvested sugar kelp give savoury flavours, topped with punchy Mosaic & Sabro cryo hops, all layered upon a rich ruby malt back bone in this 6.5% vegan surf & turf in beer form. Certified Gluten Free

Ora brewing company- Lucifero- 4.5%- 440ml can- £4.60 Lucifero is an easy drinking pale ale brewed with Amarillo, Chinook and Citra, and dry hopped with Styrian Celeia, a unique hop that grows only in Slovenia. Expect a delicate citrus and floral on the nose, with aromas of lemon, herbal and green tea, pleasantly bitter and in balance with its aroma. VEGAN

Ora Brewing company- Limoncello IPA-440ml can- 6% – £5.10 A tribute to the iconic Limoncello from Naples (Italy). Wheat, Cara Munich and flaked oats for the creamy mouthfeel. Citra, Centennial and Lemondrop in dry hop, freshly squeezed lemon juice and zest from organic lemons sourced from Naples. Pure lemon tart in a glass. VEGAN

Lost and Grounded- No rest for dancers-440ml can- 6.2%- £4.50 Ratebeer: 96/100. A fruity and hoppy red ale. We have taken a blend of malts including Pilsner, Vienna, light and dark crystal malts to achieve a deep red colour. For the hoppy character, we have used a trio of Brewers Gold, Chinook and Mosaic hops. VEGAN

TQ Beer Works – The Pale Ale – 4.1%. £4.00 pint/£2.00 half

TQ Beer Works – APA – 5%.. £5.00 pint/£2.50 half

Verdant – Headband. 5.5% pale ale. £4.20 pint/£2.10 half/£4.20. The use of dual yeast strains brings both a clean crispness to the finish and juicy peach aromatics. A touch of medium crystal and some superstar hops results in a satisfyingly orange hue that marries up to strong orange citrus notes.

Verdant – People, time, Money. Verdant- People Money Space Time 3.8% Pale Ale -£4.00 pint/£2.00 half/£4.00400ml can.  indulgent bursts of Mosaic and Citra hop character. A sessionable offering that boasts big juicy flavours that far outweigh its ABV.


London beer factory- Zia- 440ml can- 9.2%- £4.20 A decadent stout modelled after the famed Italian dessert. Luscious mocha coffee aromas rise straight from the glass. Drinking – a velvety, creamy body is supported by rich roasted barley – backed by adjunct sweetness and roasty chocolate malts. A digestivo, dessert, and coffee in one.

Time and Tide brewing- Depth charge- 440ml can – 5.9%- £3.70A wonderfully rich, complex stout featuring a whopping eight malts, giving a lovely mouth-feel full of rounded roasty toasty flavours. A proper stout creamy, silky and balanced. VEGAN

Unity brewing co- Nocturne Oatmeal Porter- 440ml can- 5%- £4 A full and silky Porter brewed with a liberal amount of flaked oats and a complex blend of German and British specialty malts. VEGAN

Northen Monk brewing co- Patrons Project 16.04 // Bringing Yorkshire Brack- 440ml can- 6.4%-£5.70 pretty simple and brew a classic English porter with a grist designed to replicate the sticky, dried fruit and earthy spice character of this Yorkshire fruit cake. VEGAN

New Lion Brewery- Totnes Stout- 550ml bottle- 4.4%, £4 pint/£2 half/£2.60 Take out/ £3 bar/ £27 case of 12 VEGAN

Sour fruit beer

Lost and Grounded- Sunset Conversation- 4.8%- 440ml can– £5 Sunset Conversation is a lush tropical sour ale. A clean base of Pils and Wheat malts have been combined with lashings of pineapple, peach and passionfruit VEGAN

Mondo brewing- We’ve got you- 4.7%- 440ml can- £4.50 Fruited Gose. Bursting with wild blueberries and Morello cherries

Beer hut- Raspberry crush- 4%- 440ml can- £5.60 refreshing, session sour, packed with raspberries. Contains lactose


London Beer Factory- Native Flora- 6%- 330ml bottle- £5.40 A single barrel of mixed ferm saison, fermented with our house culture, cold infused with freshly foraged local elderflower. VEGAN

Lost and Grounded-Hop-Hand Fallacy- 4.4%-440ml can-£4- For this beer, we take Pilsner malt and combine with oats to provide a biscuity base, and then overlay with Brewers Gold and Crystal hops, orange peel and coriander. VEGAN

Ora brewing company-Icarus- 440ml can- 5%- £4.10 This hazy saison was brewed with lemongrass and bay leaf home grown in Tottenham. It is generously infused with Chinook, Mandarina Bavaria and Lemondrop.Expect a spicy character with some earthy and subtle fruity and citrousnotes. VEGAN

Wheat beer

Brass Castle– Brewtalism- 440ml can- 5.2%- £3.70 We’ve taken a traditional coriander infused Belgian witbier, and juiced it up with plenty of grapefruit to give it a quaffable oomph, and a hint of nutmeg to give a lingering complex finish. Certified Gluten-Free


Barnabys Brewhouse – Pilsner. 4.8%. Pint £4.50/Half £2.25/330ml bottle £3.80

Unity brewing co- Prinzen- 440ml can- 4.6%- £3.70 A crisp, clean, and refreshing top-fermented Klsch lagerbier hopped with Huell Melon for a bit of extra fruitiness. VEGAN


Big Drop- Paradiso Citra- 0.5%- 330ml can– £2.80This IPA radiates citrus fruit from the moment you pour it to the second you finish that last sip with a satisfied sigh

Green Times- CBD infused IPA, 0.5% 330ml can- £3.25 VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, CBD INFUSED


Yarde Cider- real still cider, 6%, £4 pint £2 half

Sandford Orchards – Devon Red – 4.5% ABV sparkling Cider – 500ml bottle – £3.80


Sauvignon Blanc – 13% ABV White Wine – 75cl bottle – £15.00

Pinot noir – 14% ABV Red Wine – 75cl bottle – £15.00

Glass- 125ml £3.50

-175ml £4.50

-250ml £5.50

Spirits –   Gin –‘still doctors- hemp gin’  Rum- ‘dark matter- spiced rum’  Vodka- ‘black cow-milk vodka’

£3.50 straight, £5 single with mixer, £8.50 double with mixer

Soft drinks

Komubcha- organic tea fermented culture £2.50 ½ pint

Luscombe- apple juice, elderflower fizz, ginger beer                                      £1.80

Fentimans Coke                                                       £1.80

diet coke, tonic, lemonade                                                        £1.50


Trappist beer

Dupont –‘Saison Dupont’- Saison, Bottle 330ml, 6.5%                             £3.50

La Trappe –‘Tripel’- Tripel, Bottle 330ml, 8.0%                                        £4.50

Tynt Meadow –‘Tynt Meadow’- Old Ale, Bottle 330ml, 7.4% £3.50

Duration- ‘Quiet Song’-            Wit beer, Can 440ml, 4.3%                      £4.80