We are all still buzzing from the amazing two days of the Sea Change Festival.  It was deeply wonderful.  We were thrilled to be able to host 4 gigs in the Brewery, audio and video of which we have already shared here.  We are delighted to be able to post one of our highlights, the set Ryley Walker played.  To celebrate, we created a special rye New England Pale Ale called ‘Ryeley Walker’.  As you will hear in the podcast below of edited highlights from his set, he was very excited about this!  So, here is the audio, video of one song, ‘The Halfwit In Me‘, and a few photos.  Thanks Ryley for one of our proudest moments as a brewery, his management and label for allowing us to share this with you, thanks to everyone who came, and to Rupert, Matt and Lucy at Sea Change for making it possible.

The setlist for the audio is The Roundabout, If I Were A Carpenter (a Tim Hardin cover), The Halfwit In Me, Build Another Band (a Bert Jansch cover).

Not every artist ends a gig with a bottle-signing. Ryley Walker does!

Ryley Walker with our Head Brewer Mat Henney and newly-signed bottles of Ryley Walker.