It’s that time of year again! Although last year, what with moving the Brewery and everything, we weren’t able to do our annual recruitment of new hop growers for our Hop Club, now we’re back and looking for a new cohort of growers. The hops grown by our members are harvested in September and used to flavour our ‘Local Hero’ ale.

Growing hops is really simple. If you can put a plant in the ground and water it occasionally, then you can grow hops. Already over 70 people are growing hops in their back gardens, balconies and allotments. Harvest day, when people bring their haul into the brewery and the whole place smells amazing, is one of our highlights of the year. ‘Local Hero’, is one of our favourite brews.

2018 rhizome collection day…

Interested?  What you’ll need: a sunny spot with some kind of a structure to grow them up, to a height of 8-9 feet. You could either grow them directly in the soil or in a large pot. What we’ll provide: rhizomes of the variety ‘Prima Donna‘, special twine to grow them up and full growing instructions. They are a beautiful plant, a great addition to any garden. Every September the hops are harvested, and then once the beer is ready, every member is invited to a tasting evening, and also gets a couple of bottles.

The smell of freshly picked hops is one of our highlights of the year…

If you are already a member, might you have space to add a couple more plants? Or do you have friends or neighbours who might also like to grow hops? Or are you part of a business, or society, or organisation, who might like to grow some hops? Now is your opportunity.

If you’d like to get involved, you will need to order your rhizomes from the Brewery Tap Room (opening hours are here) before Friday 28th February or by email via, and then collect them the following Friday, March 6th, and need to be planted very shortly after that. Rhizomes cost £15 each. Do get in touch, and join our community of hop growers!