It was a very pleasant experience to present our brewery to the customers of The Totnes Brewing Company. After a short speech focused on the history and present state of the brewery we went to the second stage – beer tasting. People were coming individually for a chat and to ask some questions alongside with free tasting of our core range of bottled beer (Pandit, Mane and Stout) plus TeaQ9, our summer, Earl Grey pale ale.


On the tasting table a bottle of Scorpion (chilli pale ale) also appeared and many people were keen to try our South Devon Chilli Farm collaborative brew. Unfortunately we didn’t have any beer available at the time as this beer is being produced is short runs and flies off the shelf very quickly (although it will be available this weekend for visitors during Sea Change Festival).

People were able to purchase the bottles from TTBC’s bar but some of them made an effort to visit the brewery knowing it’s just 10 mins walking distance from Totnes’ High Street. It was a great time, 3 hours went so quickly and I really enjoyed chatting to TTBC’s customers.  Kirsty from TTBC later wrote:

“Totnes is a fantastic town, with a friendly and thriving community. It was with great pleasure that we welcomed our friends from New Lion Brewery to join us here at The Totnes Brewing Co. to showcase their range of tasty treats. Assistant brewer Jac, found himself in many a deep conversation with our regular customers, i’m sure they will also become customers of The New Lion Brewery if they aren’t already! Thanks again guys for a great afternoon”.

Jacek Ziegler. 

We’d like to thank the staff of TTBC for their support during the session as well as for the invitation.