Fancy drinking some free beer made by a local brewery from hops that you have grown? If so then New Lion Brewery’s Hop Club wants you!  Let’s start with this 1 minute introductory video we made:

Yes, we are looking for back yard hop farmers to get involved with this great project.  The first year of our Hop Club is open only to members of New Lion Brewery (to find out how to become a member, see here).

Growing hops is easy!

We will be ordering the rhizomes (roots) which you can buy from us.  They are a dwarf variety (Prima Donna), which grow to just 7-8ft so are suitable for most gardens/patios.  Just plant the rhizomes in pots or straight in the ground (we will provide you with a sheet with all the information you might need).  Here, Helen Steer from City Farmers’ ‘Grow Beer’ project tells you what to do with your rhizomes when you get them home:

Growers can exchange tips and advice through the year on the New Lion Brewery Facebook page, then in the autumn the hops are harvested and turned a delicious green-hopped beer by our Head Brewer Mat Henney. Once the beer is ready, we throw a big party to launch the beer (and you’re invited), and you also get a couple of bottles of it too.

It’s a great scheme to be involved in because: 

  • The hops are easy to grow, look attractive and smell wonderful once ripe.
  • It’s a chance to meet other like-minded beer lovers (or even plant enthusiasts).
  • It’s part of an exciting and growing grassroots movement which, from its Brixton origins in 2012, has already spread as far as Wales.
  • We get to drink our own unique beer and have a great knees-up at the end of the season!
  • We can all feel we’ve contributed to a truly unique and local product.

Ordering your hops

We will be bulk ordering hop rhizomes and will need your orders by Wednesday 9th March.  They cost £10 each, and that includes an 8 ft length of the special hop twine you will need for them to grow up, plus an information sheet on how to grow them.

You will need to call into the Brewery and pay in advance for however many rhizomes you might like.  They will then arrive with us on March 17th, and you’ll need to collect them on the 18th or 19th March.

Hop plants will fruit for at least 20 years, so it’s a long term investment.  This is going to be a lot of fun, and we really hope you join us on this adventure.  Where might you plant yours?