Judging by the photos we’ve been getting in, your hops are nearing harvest time.  Exciting isn’t it?  If you pick one of your hops now, and tease it apart, you will notice a yellow, pollen-like substance running through the middle of it.  That’s the lupolin.  Give it a sniff.  Wow, eh?  That’s the stuff that makes beer so delicious.

harvestIt looks like picking them at the exact moment when everyone’s hops are perfectly ready is a somewhat inexact science.  So, looking at the pictures we’ve been sent in, and from our own plants, we reckon another week should do us.  So here is our proposal.  Sunday 11th September is Harvest Day!  Put it in your diary right now. 11th September is also traditionally when the Kent hop harvest started, so it feels like a good day to us.

So, on Sunday 11th September, please pick your hops in the morning (just the cones, not the whole plant, and put them in some kind of sealed bag/container so as to keep the maximum amount of those volatile oils), and get them into the Brewery before midday.  Mat will get a brew on, and at 12 in will go the hops!  Hops need to be used within 4 hours of being picked (or the essential oils start to dissipate), so make sure you just pick them that morning.  Mat is planning to make as local a brew as possible, using local malts and grains as well as your wonderful hops.

Any questions, do get in touch.