New White Label Series release: ‘Little’ & ‘Large’

Little 2.9% and Large 7.7% were both brewed using the same malt bill and the same New Zealand hops (Waimea, Motueka, Wakatu) for bitterness, whirlpool and dry hopping additions. The very sessionable Little is also light on the palate and pleasantly refreshing. Dry fruit aroma and light bitterness makes this beer a perfect companion for most meals. The heavier Large is slightly darker and fuller on the palate. Higher alcohol content makes this beer a proper New World IPA style. Bigger on strength and bitterness but still very drinkable.  The splendid labels were designed by Nathan Carter, one of […]

‘Local Hero’ release date announced

A message for all our Hop Club members.  Thanks again so much for all your green-fingered efforts in 2018.  Our yield of 15kg was our highest yet, and your hops were amazing.  The beer we have brewed with them, ‘Local Hero’ is now very nearly ready, and on Saturday October 13th, you’ll be able to get yours.  Our Saturday bar will be open, as usual, between 5 and 9, and you’ll be able to pop in any time to pick up your bottle, and have a pint, all on us. We’ll formally welcome it into the world with a few […]

Celebrating our Hop Harvesters of 2018!

Well didn’t we do well?  The total hop harvest for 2018 was just over 15kg, and would have been 20kg but for two of our biggest growers being unable, for one reason or another, to get their hops picked.  It was a lovely morning, everyone coming in with their yield, whether tiny or vast, all were equally celebrated.  We will keep you posted on when the Local Hero we brewed with it is ready.  Do tell your friends, we are always looking to add new growers.  Here are all the portraits of our wonderful growers bringing in their hops […]

Announcing the 2018 Sea Change New Lion Brewery Sessions!

We are so thrilled to be able to announce that once again, New Lion Brewery will be hosting some gigs by artists from Sea Change Festival, what looks like our strongest line-up yet.  Last year we hosted the brilliant Ryley Walker and other amazing performances too, and this year we will again be hosting some amazing artists.  As usual, gigs are free, open to anyone whether they have a Sea Change wristband or not, although if you do have a Sea Change band it will get you a 10% discount at the bar.

Our deepest thanks to Rupert and everyone […]