On Friday, New Lion Brewery launches the fourth in our White Label Series, ‘Brett IPA’.  It really is a quite remarkable beer, but rather than us tell you about it, we thought we’d let our Head Brewer Mat Henney tell you everything you need to know:

As he says, there are only 100 bottles and they will go very quickly indeed, so make sure you get some. It really is quite exquisite.  Speaking of the White Label Series (previous bearers of that esteemed label are, in order: ‘Tea Q9’, ‘Smokestack Lightning’ and ‘Rowan’s South-West Coast IPA’), this is a good moment to mention Membership renewals.

Your 2015 Membership expires at the end of this month.  For just £15, you can renew, and in exchange we will give you a beautiful card (printed on card made with spent brewers’ grain, see picture below) which entitles you to 6 of our White Label Series, free of charge, whenever you fancy them during 2016.  And there will be new additions to the series coming on stream all the time.  It is quite possibly the very best deal in the history of brewing.  So just pop down to the Brewery and renew, and we look forward to sharing more and more of these glorious creations with you during the year.