We just released two new White Label Series beers, they are now available from the Brewery, and from selected craft beer bottle outlets.  They are our Chuckleberry Sour, and our Double Stout.  Here’s some more information on them:

Chuckleberry Sour

The delicious result of a long term collaboration between the Dame Hannah Rogers Trust and ourselves. Using our ‘Thirst Born’ as a base we added 300g/L of a hybridised Redcurrant/Blackcurrant/Gooseberry called a Chuckleberry, these were expertly grown by the staff and volunteers at ‘Dame Hannah’s.’ The resulting beer is bracingly tart with the Chuckleberries adding considerable acidity to the base beer alongside a lovely fruit flavour which perfectly reflects the beginning of autumn. This beer represents a deepening relationship with our surroundings and the wonderful people we share it with. Cheers.

Double Stout

In our pursuit of excellence here at New Lion Brewery we recently committed to managing our own house yeast culture, this demands a redoubled focus on hygiene, processes and quality assurance. As a large stride towards this, for wort aeration we started using pure oxygen instead of air. This allows us to brew much, much better high ABV beers, the first of which is our 7.5% Double Stout. This is an exact replica of our Stout recipe but with double the ingredients. Bigger, bolder, thicker, ‘chocolatyer’. Delicious!