We are excited to unveil our first sour beer ‘Thirst Born‘ the result of a 9 month project. For this beer we followed a traditional Pilsner and Wheat grist but added a touch of local Spelt which brings a wonderful nutty character. We fermented this wort with our flavourful Saison strain and then barrel aged this beer in an ex-Sharpham wine barrel for 8 months with a blend of 8 different Lactobacillus strains. Over time the beer has acidified and gained great complexity from the wine and oak. It’s name celebrates the arrival of William Henney, first-born son of our Head Brewer Mat and his wife Ursi.

The resulting beer is dry, tart and thirst quenching with subtle cider, vanilla and cereal character. We will be using this beer in the future as a base for adding local fruits- keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming Chuckleberry Sour.  Available now from the Brewery.