We are delighted, finally, to be able to bring you news of the evolution and the future of New Lion Brewery. We’re sorry for the radio silence, for how long it has taken for us to be able to send you this email, but we hope you will now be able to understand why.

As you know, we have long outgrown our current Station Road home which is groaning at the seams, and have been looking for a new home. We have long had the dream of co-inhabiting with our friends The Almond Thief, and have been looking for some time now for ways to make that a reality. We are delighted to announce today that New Lion Brewery, the Almond Thief and Forest & Co will now be the joint tenants of the Shinners Units building at Webbers Yard, Dartington, the current home of the Almond Thief.

A 125-year lease of the building has been secured, and work will soon start on its renovation. We have for a long time been thrilled by the possibilities of having a bakery, a brewery and a mill under one roof, and the symbiotic recipes and creativity that will ensue, a celebration of wheat, yeast, fermentation and local ingredients. So, our current plans for the next few months look like this:

  • Late July: New Lion Brewery moves into a temporary home at Shinners Units while work begins on the building
  • Mid September: New Lion Brewery launches its ‘LionShare’, the opportunity for the community to buy the business, and to support its conversion to a Community Benefit Society. This represents a thrilling leap forward for the brewery, allowing us to make real a dream we’ve held since we started, that of becoming a community-owned business. If you are keen on being at the front of the queue when this is launched, please register your interest here.
  • October/November: New Lion Brewery moves into its new home at Shinners Units, a place where anything is possible.  During the day it will be a brewer of the finest, most delicious beers, but in the evenings it might be a music venue, a bar, or perhaps even a dance studio, a yoga venue, a studio for art classes, whatever you want it to be. We hope to create something that is a great addition to the local community, and to the local economy. As well as some utterly wonderful beers that could only possibly have come from that place.

We want to be clear that the decision to move out of Totnes has not been taken lightly. We have been looking for a good new home for some time now, and it has been a tiring, at times fraught, process. But the dream of partnering with the Almond Thief has been a constant throughout, and we are deeply grateful that Dartington Hall Trust has enabled this to happen. We think that we will be able to create something extraordinary at Webbers Yard.

So for now, things will continue as before. Our Friday and Saturday Taproom will continue as before, and we will still keep creating delicious beers, including some fantastic new collab brews which are now available. We will keep you informed of progress, and as the launch of LionShare gets closer, we will keep you posted.

Getting to this stage in the evolution of New Lion Brewery represents a landmark moment in our story. We have firmly established a reputation for brewing high quality beers (one of our sour beers just won a gold medal), and now it is time to take New Lion to the next level. So, do continue to travel with us on this journey as our new home offers us so many new possibilities. Thank you.