What an abundant 2017 Hop Club harvest we had.  Last year was our first year, and our total harvest was 1.3kg.  This year, that has risen to a staggering 15kg of delicious fresh hops!  Harvest day was wonderful.  People brought in their produce whether in a tiny little bag or, in one case, a tea cup, or in anything up to some rather large bin bags, groaning with hops.  The smell in the Brewery was amazing.  Here are some portraits of some of the very finest hop farmers in all of Totnes!

This is Mark Jefferys. He counted all his hops. He had 1,350.

Jacek set to work brewing ‘Local Hero’, our beer using your hops.  It is to be ready in time for the Forking Local Food Festival on Vire Island on October 8th.  It uses local ingredients, including 10% of the mash being pea flour from the brilliant Grown in Totnes.  It already smells phenomenal, and look out for news about how Hop Club members will be able to avail of their free bottles.  Here is the brew in process, just after the hops were added.  The aroma was incredible…

So, tell your friends.  Next Spring we’ll be looking for more hop farmers.  If we keep on growing our output at this rate, it will be quite phenomenal.  So, whether your harvest was small enough to fill a bin bag or a tea cup, whether the slugs ate your plants or you were showered with lupulin, thank you.  It’s things like this that make our brewery the very special thing that it is.  Thanks for being part of it.