Our brilliant Lion Share share offer closes at midnight on Friday. We are aiming for our target of £215,000 and we need your support. Please invest now. In case you need any encouragement, here are 10 great reasons why you should invest in Lion Share.

  1. It is an actual investment: we offer 3% return on your investment, or 4% if you take your interest in beer, plus 30% Social Investment Tax Relief and loads of great rewards. Find an ISA that beats that…
  2. You’ll be joining a community: over 170 people have already invested. That’s a dynamic and vibrant community who will together jointly own the Brewery and you can be part of it
  3. You’ll be supporting local change: New Lion has already shown how it is committed to sustainability, to community, to the local economy, to a new model of economics that is rooted in place. Supporting Lion Share enables us to scale that up, and create something of national importance
  4. You’ll help put Dartington and Totnes on the map: your investment will enable an amazing new venue – a brewery, a mill and a bakery in the same space, creating amazing produce that could only come from this place. Another first for our community that can inspire the world
  5. The future will thank you: the Webbers Yard building will be restored to the highest levels of sustainability and energy efficiency, using healthy materials and generating as much of our own energy as we can. It will be a business your grandchildren will thank you for investing in.
  6. You get to vote in our big decisions: New Lion is now a Community Benefit Society, meaning it is one member one vote. So big decisions over future direction and how we operate will be made by you at our Annual General Meeting.
  7. It will be your Brewery! Imagine how it would feel to bring friends for a night out, for food, beer, music, art, conversation, and to be able to walk through the doors, turn to your friends and say, “this is my brewery actually”. How great would that feel?
  8. The world needs dreams: Lion Share dreams big. It wants to change things. It wants to provide a new, positive story, to create work for people while also making the world a better place. In this time where so much feels bewildering and complex and awful, Lion Share offers you the opportunity to be part of something positive.
  9. Because we make damn good beers: but you knew that already….
  10. Because 1+1+1=7: the power of what Lion Share enables isn’t just a brewery, a bakery and a mill under one roof. It’s the myriad new ideas, products and possibilities that will emerge from this symbiosis. We don’t know yet what will emerge, but we do know that it will be amazing, and that we will make you so proud.